Personal Work

Some examples of art I make for fun for myself or friends.

Commissioned Work

Some examples of commissioned work I've done.

Design Work

Tattoo designs I've made for myself, tattooed by professionals.

Space Championships is a cardgame I designed from scratch with fully illustrated cards, tested rules and physically printed cards.

about me

Hello Hello! I'm Sealite Draws (or just Seal) and I'm a 21-year-old artist and designer from Sweden.I usually work with character art and portraits but have dabbled in numerous things such as tattoo designing, graphic design and landscape painting. I would definitely say making art is a big part of my identity & passion in life.

You can also find me on:


Flat Colour

Bust: 10 €

120 SEK

Halfbody: 20 €

240 SEK

Fullbody: 40 €

470 SEK

Finished Artwork

Bust: 25 €

300 SEK

Halfbody: 40 €

470 SEK

Fullbody: 75 €

890 SEK

Messy Realism Portrait

Black & White: 50 €

590 SEK

Colour: 65 €

770 SEK

Blended Realism Portrait

Black & White: 90 €

1 060 SEK

Colour: 105 €

1 240 SEK

Tattoo Design

Black & White: starts at* 20 €

240 SEK

Colour: starts at* 30 €

350 SEK

*Price varies on the complexity of the design you want. Thusly, the price may go up depending on how detailed the design turns out.

Additional Prices

Simple Background: + 5 €

60 SEK

This applies to more complex patterns, shapes and/or objects.

All commissions come with a solid colour/transparent/gradient background free of charge!

Additional Character: + Half of the base price

For additional characters on the same canvas. For additional characters on a seperate canvases, the base price still applies.

Speedpaint of the process: + 15 €

180 SEK

I record and edit the process of creating your commission into a speedpaint, which is then uploaded onto my Youtube channel. Here's an example!

If you have anything in mind that doesn't fit into any of the categories listed here, I'm most likely still able to make it! Just reach out to me and we'll discuss your ideas further.

For personal use* commissions, I prefer direct messages on social media as the main form of communication, since it leaves room for quick exchange of ideas, references and/or changes.The social media I am reached the best on is Instagram and Twitter, which you can find links to here:

If you want to reach me for any other reason besides personal use commissions, feel free to fill out the form and I'll get back to you as quickly as possible! :)

*non-commercial non-profit; e.g. profile pictures, phone/desktop background, self-printed.


Terms of Service


All prices are displayed in Euro or Swedish krona, but I accept any currency. Payment is to be made through Paypal invoices, or if you're a resident of Sweden, Swish is also an accepted payment method.I will not start on your commission until it has been paid. Three small changes can be made for free (e.g. changing colours, adding/removing small details) during the process, after that extra charges apply.
Refunds are only available before I send the first sketch draft.


Your artwork can be used for non-commercial use. This means profile pictures/avatars, cover photos, phone and desktop backgrounds, and personal use printing. In other words: not reselling or mass-producing the artwork.
If you want to use the piece for distribution you must mention this beforehand, as my rates differ and artist margin applies.
I may use any of my artworks for portfolios or advertisements online and offline.
You can post your commissioned art on social media, but please tag and credit me.
You may not edit, remove or tamper with my signature on the finished commission.

Other Info

I have a standard deadline of two weeks to create your commission, and you should receive a sketch with the planned colour palette within the first week. If I cannot stick to this schedule, I will inform you as quickly as possible. I am allowed to extend the process time if necessary.I have the right to refuse a commission, and drop a commission at any point in the process. A full refund will always be provided unless over 90% of the commission has been completed, in which a 50% refund will be issued.All completed commissions will be received as a digital PNG image file. I can also send it in different file formats. No physical copies will be sent.

Thank you!